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Eco Group

Our Eco Club helps us to reduce, re-use and recycle, cutting our energy costs and significantly reducing waste.  The club meets regularly to review how we are caring for our environment, with children in each class taking responsibility for tasks such as composting fruit waste and turning off lights.  At the start of the year we made an environmental action plan to decide on our goals:


This year, Eco Club have worked hard to set up a fruit waste composting system to help stop our rubbish going in the bin.  Each class has its own compost bin in the allotment or the sensory garden and we check often to see how each class is doing.  We also give classes tips to help them do even better, reminding them to check there is no plastic in their bin before they compost their fruit waste.


We regularly check the energy use, recycling and fruit composting of each classroom and give them a red, yellow or blue award to show how they are doing.  We designed three characters to show these awards.  You can see our Energy Ninja Turtle, Recycling Raccoon and Composting Crocodile below.  Look out for them around the school!