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In Pickhurst Infants Academy, we firmly believe that every pupil deserves the highest quality provision, which is engaging, coherently planned, and tailored to every child’s needs. 


It is our intention that every child who leaves our school has a life-long love for reading, a passion for vocabulary and language, and is equipped with the necessary skills with which to clearly express their thoughts and ideas in speaking, as well as in writing.


Our English Curriculum is packed with engaging hooks, rich experiences and high quality texts. Teachers leave the children intrigued and excited about what the next lesson will bring. It is progressive, but mindful of previous skills, which need to be consistently revisited in order for them to be securely embedded.


The teaching of all aspects of English is given a high priority within our school. Confidence in basic language skills enables children to communicate creatively and imaginatively, preparing them for their future journey through education and beyond.


Our intentions: 

  • To ensure that every child becomes a reader, a writer and confident speaker by the time they leave Pickhurst Infant Academy.
  • To promote and embed a love for language, reading, writing and high-quality literature.
  • To derive an English curriculum which is sequenced progressively and cumulatively to develop the acquisition of knowledge and skills. 



Our English curriculum is derived around a sequence of high quality age-appropriate texts. We use each book to create opportunities to develop vocabulary, reading fluency and comprehension with a focus on key reading strategies and skills. Pupils develop grammar and punctuation knowledge and understanding to use and apply across the wider curriculum; explore the writing structure and features of different genres, identify the purpose and audience; plan and write an initial piece of writing with a clear context and purpose before evaluating the effectiveness of writing by editing and redrafting. 


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