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School Council

Class and School Council

At the beginning of the each year there is a school assembly on role and responsibilities of the school councillors within the school and in class. Children discuss what attributes would make a good school councillor in their classrooms and if they are interested in the role they take it in turns to talk to their class about why they think they would be good for the position. Classes then fairly vote for the class members they think would be most suitable. We have 24 school councillors in total, eight in each year group and together they form the school council. The school council meet weekly.


Responsibilities start in the classroom where the children learn how to manage resources independently and develop an understanding of their own learning styles. There is no job too big or small for our school council. The members are vital to the effective improvement of our school and assist many groups in our school community including; pupils, teachers, Senior Leadership Team, the Local Committee Members, parents and visitors to name only a few. The school council is instrumental in the continually changing and developing improvements that happen across a year which directly affect the pupils. Therefore, their voices in these matters are paramount. They support in a wide range of ways from helping with fund raising events, contributing ideas for play equipment and use of outdoor space to liaising and supporting different staff members, such as subject leaders. One week they might be litter picking and another helping to host a music concert and welcome visitors. Our School Council is fair, democratic and friendly.  We work together to make sure everyone in school feels part of our community. 

Pickhurst School Council rules and constitution

  • We will attend meetings regularly
  • We will respect each other
  • We will act upon our meetings to help improve the school and implement change
  • We will act as the voice of our classmates
  • We will take it in turns to speak and listen to others
  • We will be good role models
  • We will share what happens in meeting with our classes

Achievements of the School Council this year

  • Helping to develop our school outdoor learning space not only in terms of equipment but also use of space.
  • Promoting self-awareness and thinking of strategies to support well-being of pupils in school.
  • Giving feedback to staff about effective strategies which enhance their knowledge, skills and understanding in a range of curriculum subjects.
  • Being excellent school representatives in local school events and in Community Council, where children collaborate with other neighbouring groups and community projects.