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Teaching Philosophy

At Pickhurst Infant Academy we aim to provide inspiring and innovative teaching which challenges children to think, question, reflect and understand through high quality, purposeful and first hand experiences.  


Our teaching is founded on the belief that potential is open-ended and that children should be encouraged to have a ‘growth mindset’ and believe that there are no boundaries to their learning and achievement. Teachers encourage children's confidence, autonomy and risk-taking through their belief in them to succeed, which is supported by high expectations, choices in their learning and a secure learning environment.


Teachers at Pickhurst Infant Academy are role models through their own passion and openness to lifelong learning and improving. They represent our ideals of learning by embodying a spirit of learning themselves and developing their own practice through engagement with research, reflection and risk-taking.


Developing children's characteristics of effective learning is an inherent part of the curriculum and we encourage them to be resilient,  grow in independence and begin to take responsibility for their own progress and learning.


We encourage children to be ‘active learners’ and see the classroom environment as the 'third educator'. They are encouraged to access open ended and supportive resources independently to scaffold, challenge, extend and develop ideas in their learning. 


Children are given time to reflect on their own learning and learning of others with regular opportunities to develop their critical thinking skills, evaluating and improving their work.