COVID-19 update on the curriculum

Throughout the pandemic, whilst we have continued to ensure that the children have been provided with a broad and balanced curriculum, with high expectations, we have also ensured that incisive assessments and feedback have informed teaching and learning. This has enabled all children to progress and achieve regardless of their start point when returning to school. We continue to prioritise children's mental health and well-being as well as placing further emphasis  and support (where needed) on the characteristics of effective learning. 

Following a review of the needs of children in our cohorts we have used our Government Catch-up Funding to support the progress of individual, groups  and whole class learning. 


Risk Assessment & Contingency Plan January 2022


Catch-up Funding 

Catch-Up-Premium-Funding.pdfRemote Education Provision


As a Trust we are following DFE guidance but also putting in our own measures to ensure that we are taking all reasonable steps to mitigate the risk of infection. Details of these measures can be found in the NEST Covid Risk Assessments. 

Risk Assessment for Parakeets Before & After School Provision