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We offer a gradual, staggered introduction into school life with children staying for mornings for most of the first week, mornings and lunch for the second week, building up to a full school day.

All parents who have registered their child and have been accepted will be invited to an evening Information Meeting at the beginning of July.  All children will be invited to attend an Induction morning or afternoon in July so they can meet with their teacher and see their class.

A further meeting is arranged in the Autumn Term when parents new to the school have the opportunity to find out more information and ask questions.

All admissions and in-year transfers are handled by the London Borough of Bromley and not the school.  Please contact the Borough for more information.

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@PickhurstNEST - Dec 3, 2021
Have you activated your Tapestry account yet? We are so excited to be launching Tapestry with all our parents and carers. This will give you a great insight into what your child is learning about, with an opportunity to view their observations in journal and also comment on them! https://t.co/RYk1Dvbatj
@PickhurstNEST - Nov 11, 2021
At Pickhurst we also believe that every child deserves an adult champion… who never gives up on them and insists they become the best person that they can be. https://t.co/Ac8ka4Cg5w
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The Cartoon Museum
- Oct 15, 2021
Happy Here: 10 inspiring stories and poems by black British authors and Illustrators. 5 of them will be signing copies on 26 October, 2:30-3:30pm. Ticket: £8.50 Info :https://t.co/oHQrvW7mjn https://t.co/cz6TdOsZ76
@PickhurstNEST - Oct 14, 2021
Great Books Guide 2021 is here! Please look at the link below to see recommended books, all organised by age! Thank you https://t.co/1qVTPwKTBH https://t.co/K4JrspuYC5
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National Online Safety
- Oct 14, 2021
FREE App for Parents, Carers and Educators! 🤩📢 It's time to get with our free app, packed full of guides covering the latest apps, platforms, games and devices! 🙌 Download for FREE today >> https://t.co/3db6GWNEG1 https://t.co/1LIrMvIgcX
@PickhurstNEST - Oct 14, 2021
Every week or so we will be posting a poem to raise the profile of poetry. This week we have the pleasure of sharing a poem called ‘The Dolly’ by Jeanette Cheal. Enjoy! https://t.co/X9MYJFjWHy
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Action for Happiness
- Oct 3, 2021
Life is better when we find something to look forward to. Join us for Optimistic October and find ways to stay hopeful, even in challenging times 🌈 https://t.co/aLYdwnMPdi https://t.co/TGZk1Khu4K
@PickhurstNEST - Sep 28, 2021
Please make sure you also follow us on Instagram for more photographs and exciting news. https://t.co/sz4XzTye9d
@PickhurstNEST - Sep 27, 2021
Pickhurst Infant Academy Open Mornings. We look forward to welcoming you all! https://t.co/Omrr3fFa8U
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- Sep 26, 2021
Are you looking forward to snuggling up for a bedtime story with your little ones? Books can help families to bond and feel close - and you could help us make sure every child has that opportunity. Find out how to here: https://t.co/xeKjuQko7z Pic: Hannah Shaw https://t.co/0Kzfsu3mbr
@PickhurstNEST - Sep 16, 2021
Autumn Digital Book Club. Use the code SEPTBOOKCLUB to get extra 10% off. At the same time, you will be helping Pickhurst to buy new books for our book corners. Thank you! https://t.co/cWL3HlHhxw
@PickhurstNEST - Sep 16, 2021
Why not take part in the Autumn term Reading Challenge from Scholastic? There are 5 recommended books for your child to read and an exciting challenge sheet. There is even a certificate which you can download at home. Have fun! https://t.co/0j7Vz4hFdJ
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- Sep 15, 2021
Why not check out our from the past 100 years to find great reads for you and your family? Before you get started, check out our quizzes to find out how many you've already read: https://t.co/aoKIgfPkMb https://t.co/ZAJvROHyH2
@PickhurstNEST - Sep 12, 2021
What an achievement from the amazing on winning The US Open. Emma started her journey in our local . Her determination and resilience are inspiring and prove that everything is possible. Congratulations Emma! https://t.co/sAmdUoFOpF
@PickhurstNEST - Sep 11, 2021
@PickhurstNEST - Sep 10, 2021
@PickhurstNEST - Sep 3, 2021
We can’t wait! Thank you.
@PickhurstNEST - Sep 2, 2021
This book guide is absolutely essential to see top recommendations for young readers https://t.co/0OPoxw3QPz https://t.co/IOtU3pzHfy
@PickhurstNEST - Sep 1, 2021
We cannot wait to welcome all the children back. Please remember that our starting and finishing times are now back to normal (8.50 am -3.15 pm) https://t.co/bDDUQQozGt
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- Aug 14, 2021
Gulp - have you been up against a few temper tantrums this morning? We all get a bit angry sometimes, so we've put together a list of books that could help children (and adults) deal with those furious feelings: https://t.co/tppxpqJXRk Pic: Maria Karipidou https://t.co/egzepFvKrB