At Pickhurst Infant Academy, our intent is to engage and inspire pupils to develop a lifelong love of music.  Through weekly music lessons and an array of opportunities outside of the classroom, children’s self-confidence, imagination, creativity and musical ability develop.  They leave us as confident musicians who have experienced singing, composition, music appreciation, music technology and learning to play an instrument.

Our curriculum ensures that all pupils build their musical knowledge using the key principals of pulse, rhythm and pitch as a firm foundation.  Pupils are taught how to sing and are able to confidently perform to an audience with feeling and expression.  Listening to and evaluating music from many different genres, periods and cultures equips them when they begin to compose their own music.  Composition and improvisation are taught using both traditional methods and through technology.  Children are able to express musical preferences and their knowledge of musical terminology gives them the ability to describe their opinions and feelings.  Children at Pickhurst Infant Academy are also able to experience using a wide range of instruments, from untuned percussion, djembe drums, through to Boomwhackers and, eventually, in Year 2 children use all of their accumulated knowledge when they learn to play the ukulele.