At Pickhurst Infants, children are encouraged and supported to develop the lifelong skills and love of physical activity resulting in healthy, active lifestyles, both now and in the future.  

We know that physical activity has a positive influence on children’s academic attainment, and equally, of the importance that physical activity holds for their physical and mental wellbeing and as such, PE is held in high regard throughout our school community. 

At Pickhurst Infants, our Physical Education curriculum is carefully planned and delivered to ensure all pupils develop the knowledge, skills and confidence they need to succeed.  Our PE curriculum allows children the opportunity to explore movement and how their bodies work.  Pupils are continuously stretched and challenged, developing the skills and confidence needed in order to be successful within a wide variety of sports as they continue their education into Key Stage 2 and beyond.   Children are taught the fundamental skills of agility, balance and coordination closely in line with the EYFS Framework and KS1 National Curriculum. 

Lessons are purposefully adapted to allow children of all abilities to make good progress and develop a love of physical movement and sport.  Teachers make use of www.thepehub.co.uk lesson planning, drawing upon the expert advice and knowledge provided within, and lessons are then thoughtfully adapted to suit the needs of each class.  PE lessons are challenging, yet supportive environments, where children show the Pickhurst values of Determination, Excellence, Resilience, Respect and Friendship, and where effort and achievement are equally celebrated.  As with all subjects, skills and knowledge are built upon and revisited from EYFS to Year Two, so children become confident in their abilities and make good progress.   

We support children to be creative, cooperative and competitive in order that they take measured risks and challenge themselves to achieve their goals and beyond across the wider curriculum.  Equal emphasis is placed upon teamwork and individual achievement and children are taught how to self-evaluate their own and peer performance, and crucially, how to build upon what they can already do.  These skills are carried over into other areas of the curriculum and will serve them well throughout their lives.  We provide opportunities for pupils to further explore their own interest by exposing them to a range of sporting activities such as jujitsu, tennis, cycling and world dance which can then be taken further if they so wish.   Our aim is for all children to leave Pickhurst Infants with a genuine love of physical activity, and the knowledge that keeping their bodies and minds fit and healthy can have a big impact upon their future lives.  We hope pupils of all abilities will have developed the skills, knowledge and confidence to allow them to be successful in PE in the future and to lead healthy, active lives.