Design & Technology


DT Intent Statement

At Pickhurst Infant Academy, we aim to provide all children with a real life context for learning within our DT lessons where children can problem solve real and relevant problems. We have a practical curriculum, following the design, make and evaluate process.

The children learn to design purposeful, functional and appealing products that are based on design criteria. They learn how to joins materials and make products by using a wide range of materials and develop the use of tools to cut, shape, join and finish. They learn to evaluate products and suggest how it could be improved both during and after the making process. 

Children are provided with the opportunity to practise and consolidate skills they have learnt in continuous provision within their learning environments, including our outdoor learning areas in Reception and Year 1.

We provide opportunities for children to acquire a wide range of subject knowledge and draw upon other areas of the curriculum such as Maths and Science.

Through our DT curriculum, children have the opportunity to become designers, engineers, architects and chefs! We encourage children to take creative risks when they design and make structures, mechanisms, textiles and food products. Our aim is for children to have the tools and confidence they need to be the innovators of our future!