Children are encouraged to become geographers through developing their own knowledge of what geography is.  They are taught and encouraged to use their enquiry skills to reason and make links with their immediate environment and those further afield.  We explore our local area and encourage the children to use their geographical skills in fieldwork, both within our school grounds and within the local and wider environments.  Children explore both human and physical features of geography and the impacts that these have on the World.  We explore history, science and technology when teaching Geography, incorporating other skills where relevant to help create links between different aspects of their learning.   Skills are taught to be transferrable and relevant in later life for example, when navigating maps or talking about different environments.  

Our Geography curriculum is built upon year on year to encourage children to develop their skills when looking at the world around them.  In Reception, children follow the Early Years Foundation Stage looking at Understanding the World, to learn about their immediate environments.  In Key Stage 1, children follow the National Curriculum aims and objectives, developing their geographical skills as well as their locational knowledge of the world they live in.  In Reception, geography is taught throughout the year, and in Key Stage 1, Geography is taught termly.  Provision is carefully planned for children to access in Reception and Year 1, encouraging children to become geographers in their own way by providing opportunities for children to explore their own interests whilst developing their geographical skills.  Children use a wide range of tools, maps and technologies within their learning, helping them to gain different experiences of being a geographer.

Throughout their time at Pickhurst Infant School, children are given firm foundations to play an active role in their future by understanding and caring for the environments around them and developing key geographical skills and knowledge to prepare them for future geographical explorations.

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